IT System Lifecycle Services

Our clients do not need lose sleep over IT, as we keep an eye on their system safety and functionality. In addition, we provide assistance and support to our systems’ end-users.

System Management

We take care of the management, monitoring and maintenance of our clients’ IT systems. At Netum, you can find all the services you need under the same roof. Our Help Desk is a centralized contact point that handles both direct client requests and the automatic notifications and alerts sent from the monitored systems. All reported and monitored issues are documented in our production management system and flagged as “priority”. The issues are then resolved at the help desk based on the prioritization and required expertise. If needed, the issue will be internally forwarded to a specialist, or alternatively we will contact the hardware or software suppliers.

Netum also provides consulting on system development and performance optimization.

System Monitoring

We monitor the functionality of our clients’ IT systems and take care of back-ups and system recoveries. The servers can be located either on the client’s premises, in a third party web hotel, or in the cloud. The staff at Netum’s control unit monitor the end-users system performance with the help of automated processes.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

We provide IAM solutions as a continuous service. As online services become more and more customary, organizations are faced with the need to manage the user information and access rights of their clients and suppliers in addition to those of their own personnel. The personnel requires a single sign-on system to be able to access all the resources they need at work, and respectively the clients expect that a single method of identification is all that is needed to use a supplier’s services.

Netum offers extensive IAM services from consulting and implementation to comprehensive SaaS solutions. We implement our solutions using Microsoft AD, ADFS, and Efecte Identity.

The benefits of an IAM solution include the improvement of IT management, security and overall productivity.

Information Security Technology

We offer information security technology solutions as continuous service. Netum has extensive experience in producing secure IT services. Our IT security management system is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified and it covers the monitoring, management and access services we provide our clients with. The services we offer our clients are based on experience and expertise. Our experts support the client both during projects and as a continuous service.

Our services include remote access connection, antivirus protection, and other client-specific IT security solutions.