IT Management, Security and Enterprise Architecture Consulting


Our consulting services offer expertise, experience and independent third-party assistance to support both companies and public organizations.

Information Security Management

We support our clients with IT security management, security level assessment, as well as with the design and implementation of IT security development. Our experts are familiar with the framework of information security management, such as the ISO/IEC 27001 standard, the VAHTI instructions, public administration security levels, and the national security audit criteria KATAKRI.

We target our services to organizations that have limited information security management resources – possibly implemented with random developments – and whose goal is to comprehensively develop and enhance their information security management. Our consultants have extensive experience on working with public administration clients, and we are familiar with the special requirements of public administration information security management. Our consultants are CISSP, CISM, and ISO 27001 certified, and have completed KATAKRI audit training.

Information Security Technology

We support our clients through the development and implementation of technical information security solutions.

We have extensive experience in producing secure IT services. Our IT security management system is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified and it covers the monitoring, management and access services we provide our clients with. The services we offer our clients are based on experience and expertise.

Our experts support the client both during projects and as a continuous service. Our services include the design of IT infrastructure solutions with high security requirements, remote access connections, identity and access management (IAM) as a SaaS service, and information security technology audits.

Enterprise Architecture


We support our clients through the design phase of both system and project architecture. We target our services to clients who require on-going assistance with the development of comprehensive and partial enterprise architecture, but who do not necessarily need a full-time enterprise architect. Our service aids the client in assessing the current state of their architecture, recognizing development needs and designing the desired state of architecture, as well as developing the overall performance of the organization.


Our public procurement consulting services cover the entire procurement process from the definition of the object of procurement through to contract negotiation assistance and delivery monitoring. We are extremely familiar with public procurement regulations and policies, as well as general terms and conditions. We have used all tender procedures in our public procurement consulting services.

Electronic Document Management

Our electronic document management consulting service complies with the requirements of SÄHKE2 standard applied to electronic data management plans (TOS) and/or with the requirements of paper copy archive creations (AMS). Our service is targeted at clients who need assistance with a data management plan and archive creation process. Our consultants offer their support for both workshops and practice.

Reports and Definitions

Our services include preliminary reports, procurement definitions, cost and benefit analyses, market assessments and assessments of the current state of an organization. The case-specific project content and limits are always negotiated with the client at the beginning of each project.

This service is targeted at clients who need support with development initiatives. The scope of the service may vary according to need from couple of hours a week to full-time support.

Project Management

We support our clients in the definition, planning, implementation and development of projects. The service is targeted at clients who need assistance with distributing developmental activities between various projects, defining project content and managing a project, as well as with overall project development.

Quality and Processes

Our services include carrying out management system self-assessments, mapping out and modelling the current state of functional processes, recognizing the organization’s strengths and development needs, and supporting comprehensive functional development and its measuring methods.

Our service is targeted at clients who require independent third-party assistance in assessing their current functional state, recognizing their development need, modelling their processes and implementing process measuring tools. The service helps the client to obtain an overall picture of their organizations strengths and development needs and provides the tools for further development.