Quick Sprints and Long Marathons


Our application creation process is fast and agile and we utilize the newest development methods available. Our performance ability is based on years of hard work and continuous quality assurance.

Application Solutions

We realize agile and high-quality client-specific software development projects, including Java, Microsoft and web applications, portals, and integrations.

Our extensive experience on various techniques and projects of different sizes provides us with a good starting point to develop solutions for our clients based on their specific definitions and schedules. Our iterative development process guarantees a fast and reliable implementation, where the client’s needs are given the first priority.

We realize the solutions together with the clients from concept modelling to implementation and maintenance. We use both licence-based and open source solutions in our application development process.



We integrate our clients’ new services into existing background applications and data storage and stakeholder systems. Our system architecture is service-centred, which means that different functions and processes are designed to operate as independent, open and flexible services. This allows the faster development of new systems and the integration between existing systems.

We assist our clients using modern technology and interfaces. We integrate our clients’ new services into both legacy and stakeholder systems. We actively implement the requirements of the National Architecture for Digital Services and related integrations.